Text || Benzaya

Zaya: Ben, after all this time.. you still don't get it.
Ben: there's nothing to get.
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Text || Benzaya

Ben: Go be happy with your fiance, Zaya. All I do is ruin happiness.
Milo has decided to hold me hostage in the living room tonight to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas.


I am really glad Benji, you guys deserve it.

Thanks Glen.

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Text // Benji

Hunter: He keeps saying he loves me. But he's going back to him.
Ben: I don't know, Hunter.
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Text // Benji

Hunter: Why not? If I'm just like Dad, that means you'll hate me. I can't remember the last time I've spoken to Gwen. Tally deserves to be married to someone better, and my kids certainly deserve a better father.
Ben: Because you're my brother, not my father. I tried talking to Gwen the other day but she just seemed really standoffish so I stopped again. Tally and your kids deserve to have you around. You're an amazing father to the kids, Hunt and an amazing husband to Tally. You love them, and that's something dad has never done with us.
 # p: Hunter 

benji-clarington PM: You did. I haven't. Clearly you're better than me. 


Just leave me alone Benji.

PM: Okay.

Text // Benji

Hunter: Fuck you.
Hunter: Maybe it would be better for everyone if I just removed myself from the equation. Once I get the kids home, that is.
Ben: Don't you dare, Hunter.

Text // Benji

Hunter: I know, I know, I'm an awful piece of shit who doesn't know how good he's got it. Just go ahead and say it, Benji, it's not like you aren't thinking it. Maybe I'm more like Dad than we ever thought.
Ben: Maybe you are. And Gwen is exactly like mom. Clearly i'm the only one who's like no one and i'm the one paying for it.
 # p: Hunter 

historyhunter-c [Text] I don't know why I expected you to be on my side. 

Text: Right now, i’m not on anyone’s side. I’m on my side where I’d be grateful to be married with children. The side where I’d give anything if I didn’t have to worry about where my next meal is coming from or where i’m staying for the night. 

historyhunter-c [Text] It's over. I'm leaving New York tomorrow, I'll never see him again. I don't have to tell her anything, and it's not your business to say anything, either. You don't understand. 

Text: I wasn’t going to tell her. It’s not my place. Do what you want, Hunter.